Q&A | Breaking Down the Shot with Jack Mayall

In this issue we take a look at the process behind shooting this image. What gear was used and how to get the shot you want.

Jack Mayall is one of our Tutors here at Camera Workshops, be sure to check out his workshops at the bottom of this page.

Q) How did you plan this shoot? 
A) I have various tools for tracking the weather and sky conditions and even the Milky Way orientation can be calculated in advance! 
That said, you can read the forecasts as much as you want but it's never a sure thing, expect plenty of disappointment. :) 
I think it's important to think up a shot in your head prior to shooting. I have a book I scribble down ideas in and combinations I would love to bring together in an image. Nothing beats just getting out there and putting yourself in the elements. 

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New Year, New Skills..? Here's what we have coming up this month...

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope your 2018 is filled with many amazing moments to capture. 
Wether you're new to photography or a seasoned veteran, we have lots planned for 2018 and we're sure to have something for you. 

Coming up first this month is a Day out in the elements with Landscape Photographer and Format Hitech Ambassador Tom Wood
Join us as we show you how to get those shots you've always dreamed about! 

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