Photography Tutor

Jack Mayall

Jack has a background in teaching and works as a lifestyle photographer for brands from around the globe. He has been known to involve himself in helicopter chases, hat losses, SAS Soldiers and occasionally Bear Grylls. 
He is the founder of Camera Workshops and has a real passion for teaching and inspiring.


Photography Tutor

Tom Wood

Tom's passion is landscape photography. He moved to North Wales 7 years ago with it's stunning coastlines and on the doorstep of Snowdonia which has given him the chance to explore his love of the outdoors and photography. "There is never a dull moment amongst the beautiful scenery this area has to offer ranging from snow on the mountains, glorious sunshine, beautiful sunsets and storms coming in from the sea".
He is also a Format Hitech Filters Ambassador and can be seen featured on their website.


Photography Tutor

Phil Milton

Phil is a walking encyclopaedia of photography there's not much he doesn't know about, wether it's photography or gear based. Ask Phil! 
He also has a strong background in teaching and can pretty much shoot anything! 

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